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The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is a global organization founded in 1895, dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and wild places worldwide. Our work over more than a hundred years has contributed to generate relevant scientific knowledge on wildlife and to protect species of ecological importance and in vulnerable situation, promoting the creation and management of protected areas around the world.

With a commitment to protect 25 percent of the world’s biodiversity, we carry out over 500 conservation projects in more than 60 countries from Latin America, Africa, Asia and North America, taking out scientific research in the field and local professional training.

WCS activities in Paraguay began in 2010 with the USAID funded project Ka’aguy Retâ - Bosques y Desarrollo, with the goal of diminishing the rates of deforestation and biodiversity degradation in the Chaco and Atlantic Forest regions of Paraguay.



Ka'aguy Reta Program

WCS in TV program "Paraguay Productivo"


  • "Celebrating Women Conservationists in Latin America," by Julie Kunen has been published on NBC News Latino

    NBC News has published an article by Julie Kunen, Former Director of the Latin America and Caribbean Program of the Wildlife Conservation Society, and current vice president of the Wildlife Conservation Society for Latin America and North America, which highlights the women conservationists in Latin America

  • WCS Paraguay works in jaguar conservation in the Chaco

    In 2012 the Jaguar Conservation Program begins in the Paraguayan Chaco, with the goal of establishing a baseline to measure the scale of the conflict, and test in situ the effectiveness of alternatives which can improve a more harmonic coexistence between big cats and ranchers.

    See PDF.

  • WCS busca un Coordinador Regional de Tráfico de Vida Silvestre en América Latina
    WCS busca un Coordinador Regional de Tráfico de Vida Silvestre en América Latina

    El objetivo de este puesto es apoyar a la conservación de especies silvestres a largo plazo, a través del potenciamiento de nuestra respuesta en América Latina al tráfico ilegal y la demanda de vida silvestre y sus productos derivados. Existen fondos para financiar el puesto durante dos años, aunque el contrato podría extenderse dependiendo del rendimiento y la disponibilidad de fondos.


Author(s): WCS paraguay
Author(s): WCS Paraguay
Description/Abstract: WCS elaboró este folleto destinado al público paraguayo que busca información sobre la especie y también para hacer conocer los trabajos que realiza a nivel nacional para la conservación de esos felinos.

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