The jaguar is a "near threatened" (NT) species at the global level on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. At the local level is threatened because its numbers are declining rapidly.

It is the third largest feline in the world and the largest in South America. In the Paraguayan Chaco they are relatively common in Alto Paraguay Department, but in Presidente Hayes there are many records of local extinction. This species is rare or absent in many parts of its natural distribution range due to overhunting for the skin trade, habitat loss for deforestation, persecution by ranchers, and probably loss of prey species.

Autor: Alianza Jaguarete

In 2016 the first national Management Plan of Panthera onca 2017-2027 Paraguay is published, based on the compilation of the existing science and experience of the jaguar in our country and the collaborative union of various entities to delineate the Plan of Action for the conservation of viable populations of jaguar including all sectors of paraguayan society. This Plan is available in this web in Publications sector.